Long Box + Sliced Pack Combo

We thought we would create a perfect combo of sliced p[ack and long box, save on a one off purchase or add it on subscription to save even more!

Our Gathered Game Salami is crafted with premium wild venison and a small amount of high quality pork fat. 

Available in 3 Flavours,

Garlic Pepper – A delicious classic salami dry aged over time with natural garlic and cracked pepper. The distinct garlic and pepper hit make this kiwi favourite an easy salami to fall in love with and is proudly Gathered Game’s original recipe.

Spicy Italian - Inspired by the traditional Spanish chorizo with an Italian infusion, this dry aged salami is rich in flavour with distinctive characteristics of paprika and chilli. A true favourite among our dry-cured salami range for those who need a healthy degree of spice in their bite.

Smoked Paprika – When smoke meets spice you get our deliciously mild smoked paprika salami. Dry aged up to 11 weeks this Smokey salami packs a paprika twist and is sure to delight. 

All our venison is 100% wild, gathered from across New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes. A unique GPS tagging system allows us to track each batch of hand crafted salami back to the exact location of the wild deer which created it. Insert the code found on the back of each pack here to track your game.