Award Winning - Premium Salami Selection

Our Premium Salami Selection includes our full range of dry aged wild venison salami across each delicious batch - Spicy Italian, Garlic Pepper, Smoked Paprika. Ideal for entertaining this package includes:  

1x Premium Wild Venison Salami Sliced Pack - 100g 

1x Wild Venison Salami Long Box - 100g 

1x Wild Venison Deer Sticks - 100g  

 All products are Gluten Free + Dairy Free.

Our venison is 100% wild, gathered from across New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes. A unique GPS tagging system allows us to track each batch of hand crafted salami back to the exact location of the wild deer which created it. Insert the code found on the back of each pack here to track your game. 


-Flavours of items are selected at random, please contact us if you wish to order specific flavours.