Premium Home Kill Salami and Sausages


Gathered Game offers premium home kill services producing our award winning dry aged venison salami range and premium sausages.  your meat with our delicious recipe, high grade ingredients and zero mixed filler.


Our products naturally dry age over time and as such have a 30 day wait for Home Kill Services. De-bone your meat, pop it in the freezer and we will arrange pick up and delivery from anywhere in New Zealand. 

We appreciate our home kill prices will be higher than 'standard' cooked or hot smoked venison salami or sausages produced by your local butcher. There is a great reason for this:

  • DRY AGED: We do NOT cook our salami whatsoever. Each batch is naturallcured for up to 12 weeks in a specially controlled environment, totally unique like none other in the Country. 
  • REAL MEATWe guarantee that the meat you bring us will be used in your salami and sausages with zero filler and no mixed batches.
  • AUTHENTIC: Our traditional dry curing process is a fine craft that takes time, expertise and dedication. 
  • PREMIUM GRADE: Our Salami and Deer Sticks contain only premium free range pig fat and high grade herbs and spices combined with your wild meat.
  • TRULY ARTISAN: We use the same recipes as our award winning products sold in over 40 leading artisan retailers across New Zealand.  


Our full flavor range is available for all home kill salami, deer sticks and sausages:  

GARLIC PEPPER: A delicious classic salami cured over time with natural garlic and cracked pepper finished with a touch of cold Manuka wood smoke.

SPICY ITALIAN: Inspired by the traditional Spanish chorizo with an Italian infusion, this dry aged salami is rich in flavour with distinctive characteristics of paprika and chilli.

SMOKED PAPRIKA: When smoke meets spice you get our deliciously mild smoked paprika salami.


Use the contact box below to request more info on prices and production time.