Gathered Game Wild Venison Grenade - Truffle and Black Olives

Delivery first week of December

Our specialty Wild Venison Grenades are back, Gathered Game Salami is crafted with premium wild venison and a small amount of high quality pork fat. 

These Grenades are crafted so you can slice and eat as you wish!

Truffle and Black Olive  A delicious classic salami cured over time with Canterbury Truffles and Black Olives. The distinct taste of Truffles and Olives make this one of our favourite Salamis and by far the most unique. An easy salami to fall in love with and is proudly Gathered Game’s original recipe. 

All our venison is 100% wild, gathered from across New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes. A unique GPS tagging system allows us to track each batch of hand crafted salami back to the exact location of the wild deer which created it. Insert the code found on the back of each pack here to track your game. 

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