Family Survival Pack

After 2020 and some tough times Quarantining we started some salami packs, they were so good we wanted to carry them on for all our beautiful customers.

This pack is for the family, all about the Family sticking together.

This pack should supply a family with delicious snacks all week long, with something for every one and every occasion.

Hungry Toddler? Throw them a Deer stick, kids are finally in bed? Open that sliced pack with a bottle or two of Wine. Teenagers hungry? Slice the long boxes up and into some sandwiches!

You will get 3 x Deer Sticks , 2 x Long Boxes and 2 x Sliced Packs

Happy eating every one!


-The box is not included 

-Flavours of items are selected at random, please contact us if you wish to order specific flavours.