Truffle and Black Olive Grenades

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We have decided to do a batch of our most loved Olive and Truffle Salamis, each Grenade will be an average weight of 220g

These are limited stock so get in quick!

-Truffle and Black Olive

Our Gathered Game Salami is crafted with premium wild venison and a small amount of high quality pork fat.

Truffle and Black Olive - Inspired from and using the delectable Truffles from Kings Truffles in the Waipara, mixed with beautiful Black Olives it creates a truly unforgettable salami. Dry aged over time this is a hit with all foodies and the perfect addition to share with friends and family.

All our venison is 100% wild, gathered from across New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes. A unique GPS tagging system allows us to track each batch of hand crafted salami back to the exact location of the wild deer which created it. Insert the code found on the back of each pack here to track your game. 

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